Reflections from the Sangha
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Reflections from the Sangha

Reflections from the Sangha


by Members of the ICSM sangha (and anyone else who would like to contribute!) on 01/07/15

Every now 
        and then I happen upon
        the Boundless;

And then I ask:
        how now am I living
        this Life?

         Sally Bowden-Schaible

Majesty--little forms of meditating

by Members of the ICSM sangha (and anyone else who would like to contribute!) on 05/17/14

From Tom to his friend, Leon:

You asked about how my practice was going, which made me think after we spoke of one of my own little forms of meditating.  It's in the car and it happens this way when I'm driving by myself.

I sit up a little taller in the driver's seat and I slow down a bit.  I don't slow down so as to be a problem to others.  This practice happens most effectively for me while driving around town. (I love doing errands by car in Portland.) Once slowed down I become aware of being "transported/escorted/carried."  I become aware of the car taking me about almost majestically.  I feel the car around me, under me, holding me.  I become aware of as much of what I pass as possible in a relaxed way.  I feel the steering wheel slide through my hands as I turn a corner and then straighten out the direction; it's smooth surface gliding over my skin.  I luxuriate in the feel of being transported, as though I were a dignitary on parade.  I enjoy the sound of the motor.  I enjoy the non-rushing sense of motoring past familiar places; ah, the unhurried drive about town; the enjoyment of driving slowly.  The enjoyment of city.  The driver that passes other cars with ease and with a feeling of synchronicity.

The mind that chauffeurs and the body that is glad.  Majestic.  Inter-being in metal, chrome and vinyl.  Inter-being in motor, street and movement.
Not all of these feelings occur each time I drive this way.  But they are the flavor of auto meditation for me.